The iDive World- Maldives application will accompany you wherever you are in the Maldives.

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The App


You can download the iDive World - Maldives App on the App Store & Google Play Store.

FULL Version for $9.99

FREE Version

Based on the book, iDive World - Maldives offers you access up to 300 dive locations, a platform to share your experiences on social media, make booking requests for Scuba Dive Holidays and more rich features/modules are on the way.

The Free App is already furnished with 19 dive sites - 1 site from each Atoll (19 dive locations with illustrated information and GPS coordinates).

The Full Version is supplied with all the dive sites of the 20 Atolls and future dive sites will be pushed to the App frequently.

To learn more about the app features, to discover the list of the 300 dive sites, visit the App-Support page ›

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Dive Sites available

Your Full version of the app will have all the atolls and dive sites available while the FREE app only covers only 1 dive site from each atoll except Gnaviyani Atoll.

All the dive sites will have illustrated maps and detailed information on:

An overview about the dive site, How to dive: Water Entry, Bottom Time, Ascent, Advice and Conservation.

You can view all the dive locations in map mode or list mode. Even can be filtered to you liking.

Information page will give you all the contents that is on the book.