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iDive MALDIVES - First Edition 2015

With its 650 pages, this exclusive book offers readers an unparalleled discovery of the Republic of Maldives, with its geography and its history, its seasons and tides, the areas, the unique underwater species, and much more.

Unveiling 300 detailed and illustrated dive sites (including their GPS coordinates), located in the 20 atolls that make up this world unique archipelago, iDive MALDIVES reveals many secrets such as the best local places to stay and visit, which activities are best for each season, what wildlife and fauna you can expect to see and how best to make the most of time in this wonderful part of the world.

As well as providing key tips to ensure successful diving in the archipelago, this new guide provides visitors with savvy information to participate in the conservation of this so rich but so fragile ecosystem.

iDive MALDIVES offers its pages to different organizations involved in the protection of the oceans, to hear from some of our leading experts in the field of ecosystem preservation today, including Pierre-Yves Couteau (Cousteau Divers), Guy Stevens (Manta Trust), Carl Gustaf Lundin (Director for the Global Marine Program of IUCN), Zoona Naseem (former President of the Association of Maldivian Divers) and PADI (the world leader in the diving education industry).

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Pages – 650
Author – Loïc Denys
Publisher – Artéfficio Maldives
Edition –  First Edition 2015
Size – Crown Quarto
ISBN – 978-1-78280-621-9



- Zoona Naseem
- Pierre-Yves Cousteau
- Carl Gustaf Lundin
- The Manta Trust

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- Introduction to the Maldives
- Diving in the Maldives
- Protecting the Maldives
- 20 famous species
- Tips and tricks
- Etc.

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