iDive MALDIVES Underwater Photo Contest 2016


At the occasion of the reprinting of iDive MALDIVES First Edition 2015, we want to offer the opportunity to Maldivian divers to show their talents as underwater photographers.

You're taking pictures underwater; you would like to take part of our Underwater Photo Contest? If your images are selected, you will have the chance to see them inthe pages of iDive MALDIVES with you name on it.

The contest is open only to Maldivian citizens - as we wish to promote local talents of the archipelago in our pages.

You can submit up to 5 pictures.

More over, the iDive team will select its favorite picture and the photographer who took it, will win the all new bike TVS Motor ROCKZ 125CC.

The authors of the 10 best pictures selected will also get a free copy of the book iDive MALDIVES.

Ready to take your chance? Here are all useful information about the iDive MALDIVES Underwater Photo Contest 2016.


Contest categories

  • - Beautiful landscapes of the Maldives
  • - Reef fish
  • - "Ven" - the beautiful moray eels
  • - The giants of the ocean
  • - Schools of fish
  • - Beauty and colors of the corals and its inhabitants
  • - Sharks and rays
  • - Rare species
  • - Half and half - Air / Water

All pictures are to be submitted in a large size and their best definition (min 300 ppi). You need to be the author of the pictures. A photography already published in an other media can't be submitted. If people are recognizable on the snapshot (such as guests of a resort or a safari boat), a separate document has to be sent with the signature of all people mentioning that they agree with the *terms and conditions of this contest.

All pictures need to be submitted until January 31, 2016 with the form below.

The contest & Jury

The jury composed of underwater photographers, designers, and the iDive Team will select pictures for their technical quality, but as well their artistically and original aspect. Pictures need to be part of a least on of the categories described upper. All pictures selected for the book might be edited for professional printing needs.

Participants will be notified by email and names of the photographers whose image have been selected will be displayed on our website and our Facebook page.

The winner of the contest will be personally informed of the final result and his name will be as well displayed with the picture on both, our website and our Facebook page.

NB: Pictures selected for the book will be recorded, as mentioned in the *terms & conditions, as part of the iDive MALDIVES copyright. In other terms, the same pictures can't be submitted to other contest or media as they will be contractually part of the Book.

All pictures not selected by the jury will be given back to their owner as stipulated in the *terms & conditions.

To join the iDive MALDIVES Underwater Photo Contest 2016, just answer these few questions and submit your suscription.

IMPORTANT: in order to receive a perfect quality file, please send the picture separately by email at the following email address:

IMPORTANT: Do not send pictures with logo, special effects or text on it. As pictures are intented to take place in a book, only clear images will be considered. Thank you.

Name *
Category *
For example: DCS_1248 in order for us to keep a clear record of all pictures.
I agree with terms and conditions *
For example:

*Terms and conditions (PDF)

Thank you for taking part of the iDive MALDIVES Underwater Photo Contest and good luck to all!

Your iDive MALDIVES' team