Our aspiration is that this book will support you in your journey and discoveries through this beautiful country where every little piece of land is surrounded by our magnificent waters, where humans and nature have existed in perfect harmony for thousands of years. Our hope is that it lasts for thousands of years to come.



Meet the Author & the Team


The Author

Born in Switzerland, Loïc Denys has always been a passionate diver, whether it be ice diving in the Alps' lakes, exploring wrecks, photographing rare species or drift diving  in the warmer waters of tropical countries. And, after a long and successful career as a firm Director in Europe, he finally decided to make his diving passion his job!

As a professional diver and dive instructor, he has had the privilege to discover and explore the numerous lakes, rivers, seas and oceans throughout the world. However, it is in the Maldives that he finally decided to set up his home.

As the Cruise Director and PADI IDC Staff Instructor, he initially worked on resort islands , then on luxury safari boats, all providing exclusive, bespoke dive cruises, often going above and beyond the ‘normal’ tourist routes. Throughout his time in the region, he also had the opportunity to explore each one of the 20 atolls of the Maldives, accumulating thousands of dives within the whole Maldivian Archipelago.

As a professional photographer and videographer, he has always been very interested in environmentaland conservation issues. In 2010, he co-founded Abyss ID, a conservation programme bringing together both tourists and marine biologists. Based on photo-identification process, the programme allowed, through the participation of the tourists during few years, to identify dozens of individuals of both giants, the Manta rays and the whale sharks. This valuable data have allowed scientists to significantly expand their research areas and enhance their studies and censuses. As part of this program, Loïc was brought to give many lectures at a variety of audiences. Through this work, Loïc has had the privilege to meet and the opportunity to cooperate with diverse local and global organizations, specialized photographers/videographers and marine biologists such as Guy Stevens and Daniel Fernando (Manta Trust), The MWSRP, etc.

In 2012, he joined the Team ARTEFFICIO based in the capital Male' and started writing iDive MALDIVES. After 3 years of hard work, and with the help of a very dynamic and diverse team, the BOOK and APP are now available to the public.

Loïc Denys lives today with his family in Switzerland and works as an independent photographer and graphic designer. He is still very active in the diving field and ocean conservation through different activities and projects. (www.loicdenys.ch).

The Team

In 2012, we decided to create ARTEFFICIO (www.artefficio.com): an office composed of different talented professionals including designers, photographers, communication specialists, architects, and 3D sculptors. That became our headquarters to start working on iDive MALDIVES, and as a team we have been able to call on and combine all the competences and talents of our diverse expertise.

Everyone on the team was 100% committed to the accomplishment of this huge challenge and contributed their professional know-how in order to produce a high quality book about diving in the Maldives for both divers and non-divers alike. More than being colleagues, we have worked as a family for 3 years, facing some hard times but also sharing the joy of accomplishing the most complete guide about the Maldivian Archipelago to date.

With the support of our sponsors, family, friends and partners, we are proud today to be able to offer you this new guide, already considered by many to be a “little revolution” in the dive industry.